Bodhi Meditation Day  | Vancouver |  July 22nd, 11a~4pm  |  7740 Alderbridge way, Richmond, Canada | (604)5372268

The meditation techniques taught at the Bodhi Meditation Center were created by Master JinBodhi during his decades of self-discipline and suffering. They represent the distillation of his learning and self-realization.


Mind-body awareness is an essential component of the Bodhi Meditation approach. According to meditative tradition, the mind has the ability to broaden and to heal, correcting physical and mental illness. Though Bodhi Meditation originated in Buddhist theory, it is independent of any religious system or practice. Meditation practitioners range from Christian to Buddhist, housewife to professor, differing in age, gender, culture, language, creed, profession and background—Bodhi Meditation offers the possibility of health and joy to all.


Bodhi Meditation offers a unique methodology that stimulates physical renewal and promotes general health. Acclaimed as a natural stress relief system, it further revitalizes the mind and frees the spirit, facilitating improvements in both mental clarity and physical well-being. Bodhi Meditation applies traditional practices to the challenges of modern living. The result is a uniquely effective meditation system that holistically enhances immunity, stamina and state of mind. The techniques are accessible and practical, yielding results quickly. As such, they are particularly well-suited to the pressures of urban life—and the health issues that result from them. Available to the public since 2004, Bodhi Meditation has already benefited millions. All are welcome, irrespective of age, religion or personal background.


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